Unwrap a simple, unhurried approach to the holiday season with the

Little Do Gooders Guide to Advent for Families


Imagine a December spent savoring the true joy and awe of Christmas.

Dreamy, right?

This 12-page guide is for families interested in a simple, meaningful celebration (even if you’ve never observed Advent before).

It will help your family take an unhurried approach to the season by:

  • Diving deeper into understanding the true meaning of words like hope, peace, joy and love.
  • Connecting the meaning of the word with what Scripture says about it.
  • Setting aside time to have meaningful conversations with your family.
  • Praying with one another and being still, listening for God’s voice. 

PLUS: We’ll send you a fun calendar in the actual mail (and stickers!) to pair the fun of the season with ways to do good and truly observe Advent as a family.*

*Update: We're all out of printed calendars, but you'll still get the digital, printable version when you sign up. 

Meet your host, Lt. Erin Wikle

Lt. Erin Wikle is a Salvation Army officer currently serving in Santa Monica, California. She is also a mom to four and a singer/songwriter. Hear more from her in episode 26 of The Do Gooders Podcast.

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